Allah selamatkan kamu !
Happy birthday to my nephew (anak cousin) yang soleh lagi mentaati Allah, Al-Aydan bin Al-Amin.
Happy 3 years old. May Allah bless you and you with all his blessings that you could never count how much it costs.
Ketahuilah sayang aunti, dunia n sangat banyak cabaran. Semoga Aydan teguh dan jgn sesekali futur.  Ingat Allah is always with us.
Aunti sayang Aydan sgt2 and I hope you will always happy with our big family.
And remember to always love your mother and father. Don't ever make them burden and worry bout you sayang.
You will always be my naughty boo and my selfie partner.
*AydanIsGoodAtReading walaupun baru kecil.
I love you sayang. :*

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Anonymous said...

So cute nephew you had ! May Allah bless him too