Hai and Assalamualaikum Earthlings.Tonight I'm 'so-called' robust to write bunch of new posts after a year maybe I stop doing that. Oh yeah!
Can u see the image? I really confirmed that most of ourselves love doing those things. When we have a crush on someone we like to join our name and our crush together. I would like to admit that I've did it once ago when Im in standard six. Haha so silly on that time.! Zaman Jahiliyyah giler kau!
But now Ive grown up and realize that when we did such things, we actually want to tell others about our crush and want they find it. Like a game or something asinine. Isn't that........?

Some people said that when we have crush means like we want to have a 'so-called' sweet relay with them or in a RUDE word, COUPLE.Oh, its that true? Perhaps not..I have to admit again that now,2013
I HAVE A CRUSH AND HE IS IN MY SCHOOL.! korang nak cari? huh huh? -,-
But I dont really want my friends to know it but you know that we are ordinary persons, cannot keep secrets much rite, so I think it is not a problem to share something about crush to your friend as long
Actually the main point is saja nak cakap yang taksalah ada crush tu je. Sesaje buat ayat tsunami bagi panjang skit. Wakakaa. Thanks for reading. DAH CUKUP sampai sini je kot.

p/s: I really miss my BB practice with 3AZ. nak lawan dah wei!! kalau laa hampa tauu pasal perasaan eager aku ni. :'(

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