Assalamualaikum and hi there peeps.Today is such a great day to post my entry because it was such a very long time since Ramadan I don't post any entry.Do you see the title above? Yes,I'm alone.
I was a bit dissappointed because I can't attend my cousin's wedding but all my siblings and other relatives were having such a delighted time there.The reason why I can't go there is I'm having my final exam and I'm staying in HOSTEL. Someday I were thinking about,do hostelite do not deserve to be happy because they were tied by rigid rules?? Or they have to wait until they're seniors? Oh,such unfair this matter..
My family now in Ipoh because today is my cousin wedding occasion an in the evening they gonna fetch me soon at Arina's house.The most part of my jealousy is towards my youngest sister..You know why?? She can play with all my nephews and nieces happily and then she send me reports about their happiness.But I feel grateful because my parents don't forget me although I'm very far from them.My mom recite Yasin for me during exam praying for my success..But, through all the obstacles I've through now I know that I am doing my JIHAD towards 9A's Final Exam..Nevermind I just have to sacrifice my enjoyable time to study hard and get good results.Be like me. :)

# I love my family so much.Happy Wedding Day to Abg Amin Yusoff and Kak Rusyaifiza. May Allah bless both of you forever. Amin.

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